Meet My Good Friend

This is a podcast where I interview random people that I meet to prove that everyone has a story to tell. It's StoryCorps + Humans of New York, I guess. So far I've met an IT guy, a jewelery merchandiser, a crazy conspiracy theorist, a hippie chick, a hairdresser, an astronomer, a stand-up comedian, and a traveling insurance adjuster. Who will I meet next?
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Meet My Good Friend


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Oct 21, 2015

Learn about the life of a physical therapy doctoral student in this talk with my good friend Jered Robert. When he graduates he will be called “doctor” but as for right now he’s living at home, paying his own tuition, and touching smelly feet. The glamorous life of a grad student!

To keep sane Jered spends time on his other passion, which is making music. Check out some of his originals as well as Justin Timberlake/John Legend/etc… covers on YouTube or SoundCloud.

Other highlights: the mental health aspect of physical therapy, buttholes, and whatever this thing (æ) is called. Please meet my good friend Jered Robert.

Oct 16, 2015

This is a short sample of some of the interviews you can hear at

Oct 14, 2015

Michael “Honeycomb” Henighan is a blues musician who can play the flute, harmonica, and bass as well as sing. I met him at a Cleveland Blues Society jam session where musicians are randomly grouped together to play three songs for an audience.  We discuss the jazz-like spontaneity that this format promotes and how they pull it off. For a special treat, find out if Michael is the only blues playing flautist.

We spend a little time talking about his time in the navy and in California. We also talk about electronics and information technology too! This interview has it all! It’s time to meet my good friend Honeycomb.

Oct 7, 2015

Here’s a special treat for you listeners this week: you get to meet two of my good friends! Andrew and Zack are both musicians so we spend a decent amount of time talking music. We talk about Andrew’s dad’s punk label Sonic Swirl and what it was like growing up around a bunch of punk bands. We talk about Zack’s musical family as well.

The guys have been laying the groundwork for a “chill-wave/hip hop/progressive/funk” group that should start making waves fairly soon.

We spend a chunk of time talking about Zack’s father and how his death has affected his family and his musical direction.

Some other highlights of our talk include brides walking down the aisle to Metallica, how to make cigar box guitars, animals (lynx, giraffes, koalas, sloths), and going in & out of doorways.

Meet my two good friends Andrew and Zack.