Meet My Good Friend

This is a podcast where I interview random people that I meet to prove that everyone has a story to tell. It's StoryCorps + Humans of New York, I guess. So far I've met an IT guy, a jewelery merchandiser, a crazy conspiracy theorist, a hippie chick, a hairdresser, an astronomer, a stand-up comedian, and a traveling insurance adjuster. Who will I meet next?
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Meet My Good Friend


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Mar 31, 2015

Meet my good friend Taylor. She is a hairstylist/beautician/aesthetician. If you listen to this episode you will automatically be a registered beautician in the state of Ohio! It’s that easy! Or not.
Learn about balayage which is a cutting-edge word for hair painting.
Do you know that there are 3 types of hair bonds? You will!
Learn to say the colors of the rainbow in reverse-ROYGBIV order. Learn about shampooing and something called dry shampoo (baby powder on crack).
Please, meet Taylor and learn HAIR!

Mar 25, 2015

Meet Shannon. She is a hippie I met at a hippie gathering. Learn about an awesome group of people that call themselves The Space Rangers. We talk about Michael Jackson, spirituality vs. religion, healing crystals, flaming hula hoops, and so much more.

Also, don’t eat meat. Or do. We don’t judge. Meet my good friend Shannon.

Mar 18, 2015

Meet Wade. He is a self-described “conspiracy nut” who plays tennis. Learn how waking up wearing socks can be proof of demons. Also, the Earth is flat but we can’t talk about that. The POWERS THAT BE will shut us down!

Bartender Kayla makes a guest appearance and gets to hear about Wade’s Star Trek fan fiction.

Mar 11, 2015

In this episode I would like you to meet Amy. She has a child, works as a jewelry merchandiser, thought the new Spongebob movie was built on lies, and takes crazy pills.

Also learn the incorrect way to use an apostrophe, what your birthstone is, the cheat code for Kid Icarus, and much much more!

Mar 3, 2015

Meet my good friend Paul. He will teach you about the magic inside computers, why Tim & Eric is not good TV, and how to get ripped in just 90 days.